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O.P.I Sunrise to Sunset Infinite Shine Spring 2016 #ISL66

O.P.I Sunrise to Sunset Infinite Shine Spring 2016 #ISL66

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Brand: OPI Nagellack


  • OPI nail polishes stay smooth without clumping or streaking.
  • This is a professional quality nail polish that is long lasting and highly pigmented.
  • For a lighter finish, apply 1 coat. If you want a full coverage finish, apply 2/3 coats.
  • Best with OPI Base Coat and OPI Top Coat.
  • 15 ml.

Details: OPI is currently one of the largest manufacturers of nail products and known worldwide. They sell in over 103 countries and are constantly expanding. Since you have access to limited research facilities, you are constantly up to date with formulas that ensure that each of your products offers the same quality as the next. In addition, they research trends and publish collections and core tones to adapt to the trends. The fact that you sell over 55,000,00 bottles of varnishes and treatments every year proves the success and demand of your products.